Atkins Global – ITER, the world’s largest experimental fusion device

May 5th 2023

Atkins Global is a UK-based engineering, design and project management consultancy firm based within our Oxford Offices at One St Aldates. Atkins Global provides services in sectors such as transportation, energy, water, defence, and infrastructure. The company has a global presence and has worked on a wide range of projects, including the design and construction of major infrastructure projects, energy facilities, and smart cities.

One of its projects, ITER, the world’s largest experimental fusion device located in the south of France, is aiming to create a limitless supply of clean, safe, and reliable energy. A consortium, including an architectural engineering firm, was appointed to deliver over 30 buildings and associated infrastructure for the project. The project is a €15 billion mega project involving 35 nations, with the hope of showing fusion energy’s potential to transform the way we power our homes and businesses by 2035. The project involves many world firsts and presents a complex scientific and engineering challenge. The consortium is responsible for overseeing contractors, construction management, testing, and commissioning.

June 2nd 2023

Exit Right 2023

Exit Right 2023 is an expert-led, must-attend event series for any entrepreneur looking to drive their business from start-up to exit. Following on from the successful 2022 Exit Right events, this year’s talks are from founders and directors who have successfully exited their businesses as well as M&A experts. Founders […]

May 5th 2023

Quantum Motion raises over £42m

Quantum Motion, based at One St Aldates raises over £42m